Your Outsourced Sales Manager

Every business needs sales – but what do you do when your sales managers are at capacity?

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Your Outsourced Sales Manger

One of the dangerous things about sales that traps many businesses time and time again is when their sales managers are at capacity they stop chasing leads. Businesses then find their current sales funnel empties resulting in now leads filtering through which then requires you to start the whole sales process again.

With Gen Leads outsourced sales manager services we can ensure your sales funnel is continuously being filled while your employed sales managers focus their time on relationship building and closing sales.

Gen Leads also understands the importance of lead nurturing which is why all of our sales packages include this service. If we call a lead that requests a follow up on a certain date we will ensure that the lead is contacted and followed up exactly when it is requested.

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Our lead nurturing services help build relationships between the lead and your business. We are able to stay in contact, building a relationship and nurturing the lead. Once the lead is ready to progress with a sale we will pass it on to your relevant team member.

This allows us to continue our conversation with the lead, touch base and communicate with the lead without relying on other members of your sales / admin team.

When using Gen Leads sales manager services we become one of your team just in a different office!

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