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Why Telemarketing Is Not Going Anywhere

What you don’t know can hurt you. Nowhere is this truer than marketing. Without a robust telemarketing plan, your business may stand to lose much more than you think. Although digital marketing and email have gotten much attention over the past few years, telemarketing continues to remain stronger than ever before and below we detail why telemarketing is not going anywhere.


Telemarketing stands out as one of the most economical marketing strategies that can get you instant results. With emails, you have to send out thousands of messages just to get a few replies. Meanwhile, digital marketing offers excellent results, but you have to invest a lot of money and time into your marketing strategy before you start seeing viable results. Compare this with telemarketing, where if you place smart calls to interested persons, you have instant sales on your hands. 

Direct Interaction

There is no denying the value of social interactions and one-on-one engagement. Through the telephone, you can elicit a positive response from prospects simply on the basis of meaningful social engagements. This advantage is not available with email and digital marketing due to which messages sent through these mediums are consequently ignored. 

Instant Feedback

Another advantage that is not available with other mediums is instant feedback. Even if your sales call is not successful, you can at least get feedback from the prospect to understand what went wrong. They may tell you what they did not like about your product or service offering.

Don’t expect any such feedback with emails that will simply go into the trash. Digital marketing is not much better since it will likely be lost in the ocean of content that is already available online. 

In other words, people tend to ignore email and content without providing any helpful feedback. With a phone call, you can get all-important customer feedback with the right tactics. The insights gained, thus, may help you to reverse your fortunes and help your business to revive and thrive. 


Most people are aware to some extent that many business relations exist on the strength of rapport and personal understanding. Through the telephone, you can create this rapport by exuding warmth, courteousness, and charisma. 

It is much harder, if not possible, to do the same with email and digital marketing. It will take you much longer to create an impact through these two mediums. But with the telephone, you can win over your prospects in just minutes if you are socially adept.

Developing personal relations with prospects becomes especially more important if you offer similar goods and services as your competition. This is most likely the case in many scenarios. In such cases, even small things like good humor and charm can help you to win over prospects and convince them to buy from you instead of the competition. 

Due to its innumerable benefits, telemarketing is the chief marketing strategy not just of the biggest companies but different industries. There are so many reasons why you should include outbound marketing and telemarketing in your business strategy. 

Still think digital marketing has better benefits. Why not mix digital and telemarketing together (otherwise known as tradigital marketing) to get the most out of your marketing strategies? Want to know how? Contact Gen Leads today to discuss how we can work alongside your digital marketing strategies to get you a better return on investment.