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Outbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing uses a team of highly trained professionals to reach out to potential clients and turn them into sales leads. This marketing technique is vital for SaaS companies as it involves the necessary human interaction which will help build rapport with your clients.

In utilizing well-trained  professionals, you  will  connect with people and businesses to present your unique value proposition and detail how your service can alleviate any challenges  they may be facing. As people find value in human interaction, through using this technique, you will build trust of the potential client far more quickly than that of non-human connections such as social media and relying solely on inbound marketing techniques.

The number of SaaS companies grows exponentially every year. This ever-growing competition increases the need for SaaS companies to stand out from the digital crowd and be that ‘point of difference’. Such uniqueness can safeguard your company’s performance, profitability and longevity in this digital world.

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Appointment Setting

One of the most critical processes in sales, and we truly believe one that should be outsourced to a professional outbound marketing and appointment setting agency who can leverage their expertise and knowledge.

The idea of calling prospective clients can be intimidating for some. You must deliver the message quickly, convincingly and intelligently to engage the lead and address their issues. This is not as easy as it sounds By utilizing our expert professionals who can impress your potential clients, who have the professionalism, drive and dedication and who are cognizant of the techniques, will convert those leads into a successful sale. Furthermore as a busy SaaS professional you may be without  the time to undertake this key responsibility  yourself, this further highlights the need to engage the services of Appointment Setting Professionals to alleviate this burden and produce great results .

Event Success

You have booked to run an exhibit at an upcoming industry event. You and your team have worked for months on a strategy for the day. You plan to meet some amazing prospects, have some great conversations and walk away with a collection of happy new and prospective clients. But what about after the event?

Did you know that more sales happen after t than during the event? Which is why having an event success strategy is critical.

Your event success strategy may be a mix of outbound calls and sales emails. But why spend time sending emails and depersonalizing your new client relationships when you had a great conversation in person?

Conducting personalized outbound calls to prospects you met in person at an event is a great way to keep those conversations going, build relationships and invite the lead to a sales demo as opposed to expecting your new found lead to book via an email.

Are you holding your own event?

The invites have been sent out, but why not call and speak to the invitee personally about attending? This conversation not only provides opportunity for direct  communication about the event but may  also create a sales opportunity that may not have previously existed.

Think about if you didn’t call and the invitee did not attend the event – it would be a missed sales opportunity!

Data Cleansing

When most people think of outbound marketing and new sales, they don’t often think about the sales opportunities that exist within their own databases.

When was the last time you made contact with the clients, or potential leads in your database?

Are you confident that these leads details within your databases are correct?

Do these leads know about changes to your product and what it means for them?

We hear from our own clients about the need for new potential leads to target for marketing , which can  often be true, but many people dismiss the potential opportunities they have available to them through their own database. These leads are often more aware of your product and could be a quicker sale than that of a cold call lead.

As a SaaS company your database can grow rapidly, making it necessary to have a strategy in place to reconnect with your database to ensure information is up to date. We recommend this process to reconnect and cleanse your database be conducted on an annual basis and be sure not to miss those sales opportunities!

Lead Nurturing

A potential client may not be ready to purchase from you now, but what about in three, six- or nine-months’ time?

Do you have a strategy in place to nurture your leads? How regularly are you in contact with these leads?

SaaS companies who nurture their leads have a greater level of trust from their clients than those that don’t take this time. Clients are more likely to buy from  a company they have a relationship with than a company to which they feel no connection with. Therefore it is important your sales team have regular contact with your potential clients to build that rapport so  when they are ready to make a purchase you are the first thought in their mind!


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