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why outbound marketing is more relevant than ever in 2020

You would be forgiven for thinking that in a digital marketing focused world that outbound marketing has little to no relevance.  But outbound marketing is more effective than ever in 2020, with this marketing technique is making a comeback, which will only increase in popularity as a result of the oversaturation and overcrowding of inbound marketing channels like social media.

Inbound Marketing Challenges

It’s easy to see that businesses of all shapes and sizes are increasing efforts to capture digital traffic. Digital marketing is now enormously competitive given that the online world provides an easy platform for prospects to connect with businesses, however, this advantage has long since been nullified now that almost every business has taken to the internet. With very few businesses nowadays without an online presence, your social media and PPC efforts can be easily lost in the crowd.

Whilst digital marketing can be great at drawing through inbounds leads, it similarly inhibits you from connecting with prospects personally. This is a huge drawback of digital marketing as one-on-one interaction is exceptional for engaging prospects and converting them to loyal customers. The value of these one-on-one conversations is irreplaceable and digital marketing lacks this key facet when attracting customers.

With the lack of personal touch, combined with the excess of content, the result is an adverse effect. Subsequently, a large proportion of the internet community view inbound marketing content and social media messages as noise and will often ignore it entirely.

Outbound Marketing Solutions

In this current environment, outbound marketing shines as a solution to these problems, making outbound Marketing more effective than ever in 2020. Professional and effective telemarketing techniques enable marketers to converse with clients for social interaction that sees desirable results.

With the craze surrounding inbound marketing, more people have moved towards this avenue, this has led to its current state of oversaturation. With people looking toward this method of marketing for their businesses, a huge opportunity exists for outbound marketing, with far less competition. With a fresh new approach and meaningful interactions, your prospects are grateful for the change and inspired by your business’s’ practices, willing them to commit to your products.

Outbound marketing channels allow you to connect directly with your prospects. Compare this with inbound marketing networks where you cannot engage prospects in a direct and meaningful way. Outbound marketing works by connecting your team to people who will likely have an interest in your product. This plays to your strengths and by calling interested persons, you provoke a positive response with the potential for a higher conversion of prospects to clients.

Outbound marketing services like the one which Gen Leads offers, helps you stand out from the crowd. When one of our team members contacts a prospect, it allows us to engage with the prospect directly, making them really take notice of your business and given that high value is placed on social interaction and personal touch when one of our team members speaks with your prospect directly, your business elevates its visibility as prospects will direct their attention to your business during the conversation. The outcome is influential and significant and provides your business with that cutting edge against other competitors.  

Outbound marketing allows you to take a personalized approach, a concept that prospects respond positively to. Telemarketers can tailor the call according to the needs of the individual prospect, as opposed to delivering a generic message that fails to address their unique concerns. This is a key opportunity is exclusively available to outbound marketing techniques and overshadows other marketing methods used.

By talking to your clients directly, marketers will extract a level of information. Information that can be used to your advantage and that will provide an invaluable insight into targeting your prospects in a more effective way for the future.

Outbound marketing is cost-effective and is seen to be much cheaper than other methods like advertisements. For an ad to be noticed, a sizeable fee is required, this is the only assurance that your ad is seen and gets the required attention. When using outbound marketing, your product is noticed quickly, at a much lower cost.

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