White Label Services

We function as an extension of your business geared to finding and innovating ways to maximize sales opportunities.

Are you looking to add extra value to your inbound marketing strategies? Then pair them up with outbound marketing techniques!

Gen Leads outbound marketing services are used by agencies around the world. Our specialized services have aided inbound marketing agencies to accelerate and increase their value in the current market, making us to stand out as a preferred consumer choice.

As an international front-runner of the outbound marketing industry, we provide custom-made services to inbound marketing agencies and other companies that are looking to add more value to their clients.

Gen Leads has a wide-ranging portfolio, and vast experience and expertise, as we have had the privilege to work with a range of clients, from SME’s to large international companies. Through our white labelling services, we are confident to deliver a superior service, which will represent you in your best, to your clients.

Our top priority is your success! And when delivering a campaign, we provide a professionally sounding service that will elevate your business’ reputation. We can work with your clients to expand it, as well as to keep in touch with your existing clientele and promote your products and services, using the oldest and simplest yet effective form of communication – person to person interaction. This communication method guarantees that our engagement is meaningful, and not just another ordinary sales call. From the initial contact, we build the relationship on your behalf. We then nurture the relationship until the lead is ready to be contacted by your sales team.

Our clients’ success is the result of our attention to details. We achieve great results for our clients, as our team is composed of well educated, Australian English-speaking personnel who have years of experience, can think on their own feet, and are motivated to do well for you.


Lead Target

Identify prospects and creating an effective prospect list.

Lead Attract

Building a database, data cleaning and identifying decision makers

Lead Engage

Distributing personalized content to every decision-maker recognized as having an interest in purchasing your product or service.

Lead Nurture

Calling decision-makers discussing the content and setting appointments. If the lead is not ready we will nurture them on your behalf until a sale can be made.

Lead Target

Regular ongoing contact with decision maker to build rapport and nurture.

Discovery Session

When we begin with a new client, we start with-holding a discovery session where we find out:

  • What current inbound strategies are in place?
  • What inbound strategies are being proposed?
  • How can outbound marketing work with the current and proposed strategies
  • Has the client previously used outbound marketing?
  • How healthy is their current database?
  • Is their lead nurturing strategy in place?
  • Who are their target markets?

After the discovery session, we will create a custom-made outbound marketing strategy that will stand out. And ensures success of the clients’ current and proposed inbound marketing strategies.

Campaign Set -up & Reporting

Once the campaign has been approved by the client, we will spend ten days to actualise it. Over the course of 10 days, we will create the campaign dialogue and email templates that the client will approve. We will then create the call sheets (with the call statuses), the campaign report templates, and produce an F.A.Q reference when communicating about products and services. During this time, we focus attention on building further our knowledge of the clients’ business and services, will then take time to review the clients website in addition to watching any informational videos or webinars that the client may have, this ensures that our team is well-informed before calls commence.

The client and its consumers, will send weekly reports throughout the campaign course, which will keep the client up to date on the progress and development of the campaign.

Appointment Setting Calls

Once the campaign is ready to commence, we will begin with a trial of 50 calls, these calls are used to test the dialogue of the campaign. During this time, we will be in close contact with the client, making any applicable changes to assure the success of the campaign. Once the first 50 calls have been completed and any necessary changes have been made, we resume with another 50 calls, repeat the before mentioned process, and resume with another 50 calls, and so on. After the recurrence of calls is completed, and the desired result is being achieved, we will increase the call volume.

Database Cleansing

When the campaign is ready to commence, we will upload the database onto a shared platform, enabling the client access to see any real-time changes as they occur. A combination of internet searches and telephone calls are used to complete the database cleanse. During this time of database cleansing, any calls that are made will be used to scope out potential opportunities to upsell the clients’ products and services to the lead.

Database Creation

On completion of the discovery session, we will begin researching the provided verticals and give advice as to what database can be created for the client in addition to the available information. Once the campaign is approved, we will start creating the database foundations and fill-in the required information from there.

At the end of the database creation process, we hand it over to the client database with the rights of the data. This database is then deleted from our system, so the client then becomes the sole bearer of the information. We guarantee to the client that the database will never be sold to a third party and all dirty data will be replaced and free of charge.

Value to our clients

Gen Leads’ efforts on the project include the following but not limited to:

Understanding the goal of the project as set by the client;
Work in a timely and professional manner at all times;
Be available to answer any enquiries of the clients regarding the status of the project;
Address all issues the clients may have throughout any projects;
And sign a confidentiality agreement before the project
Privacy Policy &


Gen Leads provides a privacy policy for all its clients, and is glad to sign an NDA / Confidentiality agreement if needed.

Transparency is one of our top priorities, which is why clients get access to our work in live time. Gen Leads adheres to educating and allowing each client to understand better the outbound marketing process; Gen Leads uses differentiated strategies for each client and explains why each of the strategies is required to achieve the desired results, of which value can be added.