Client Onboarding Process

Client on-boarding is the process of welcoming new clients to the business

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Client on-boarding is the process of welcoming new clients to the business. This opportunity allows you to action any questions or concerns that they may have, introduce them to their account manager and assist them with using your product. In an ever-changing technological world, Gen Leads believes it is important that new clients understand who they are dealing with, who can help them and what support / training is available to them while using the product. Much like the product trial period when a new client signs up to your product it is important to communicate with them as this is a time of learning and ensuring that your clients know what support is available during this extremely important time.

client on-boarding process

There is three times more sales churn during the first 90 days of signing onto an online service which is why it is important to ensure that your company has a client welcome on-board process in place. The client on-boarding process increases clients confidence as well as improving productivity and performance. As a Saas / online business, it is important that your business offers some human touch and there is no better time then when new clients sign up to your service to show them just how outstanding your customer service is. How you treat your customers and how they are made to feel during the first 90 days of using the product can set the tone of your relationship with the client and ensure that your relationship is a success.

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