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How Can Your Business Benefit From TraDigital Marketing?

In today’s digital world, inbound marketing dominates the marketplace as internet utilization swells with more and more consumers seeking information on goods and services via the internet. Within the last few years electronic marketing and social media marketing have fundamentally revolutionized how businesses communicate their brand name. And in correlation to working within a framework of digital networks for dissemination, there have been substantial developments in the ability to explicitly target an audience.

Digital marketing exposes consumers with new opportunities to conduct large-scale online research prior to purchasing a product, which alters the timeline on how quick a consumer contacts a business. Consumers can independently collect information that, a decade ago, would’ve needed dialogue with a sales representative.

Its only logical then for businesses to leverage from this high volume of digital traffic to boost their sales. But in this environment with internet and information overload and the exponential rise in competition, businesses of all kinds are quickly realizing that inbound marketing alone does not yield the results they desire.

With numerous innovations in the marketing world that emphasize digital resources, it’s essential to stop and consider any missed opportunities, in particular traditional marketing options, which should most certainly not be forgotten. Even with the effectiveness of digital methods like email promotion and engaging in social media, traditional outlets are still an incredibly effective means.

Irrespective of the introduction of digital marketing, Telemarketing has become no less valuable. And, like other traditional marketing tools, telemarketing presents some advantages that cannot be attained using a digital method.

It is then, in this present situation, the need for the development of practical strategies to give your business the competitive edge is of the essence. And instead of doing what everyone else is doing and receiving less than ordinary results, you can make a progressive change to your inbound strategy.

Savvy businesses are now shifting to the TraDigital marketing approach.

TraDigital marketing by way of definition is simply the integration of traditional outbound marketing methods like telemarketing with digital marketing platforms like social media and the term is an amalgamation of the words “traditional” and “digital”. This method applies a synchronized message across all marketing channels, making it easy for your consumers to connect with your business using their chosen medium.

Traditional marketing and digital marketing should collaborate to support your business in connecting with new and existing customers. TraDigital marketing facilitates a shared advantage and when these marketing methods are used together, they sustain each other and are mutually supported. Together, they create a stronger and more successful marketing campaign.

This diverse technique generates far better results than that of inbound marketing on its own since it enhances the digital marketing methods and provides advantages that are unique to outbound marketing.

In order to succeed with this approach, you must envisage ways traditional and digital marketing can be integrated. Once you have a perfect recipe you will see that the success of your business critically depends on the amalgamation.

Here are the many advantages you can experience by integrating Telemarketing with Digital Marketing and adopting the TraDigital approach.

Personal Touch

Using outbound marketing methods, you can connect personally to your audience. Irrespective of the digital and technological advancements, some things will never change. And despite the explosion of social media, humans desire for social contact, in the very least remains the same. In fact, it’s that very reason why social media is so heavily criticized, because it incongruously increases social isolation by inhibiting one-on-one personal interaction. The widespread fad of social media has in fact shown us how much human beings yearn for social contact.

Inbound marketing is dispossessed of the all-important personal contact, affecting the performance of this marketing approach as a standalone. Telemarketing will give your business a voice in the real sense. While other businesses may remain silent or anonymous, your business will have the unique voice which will focus all the attention of prospects inward to your business.

As telemarketing allows you to engage personally with prospects, this provides a forum to address value points, identify contacts interest, provide more information and answer questions firsthand. This unique opportunity will enable you to effectively qualify leads and is a cost-effective way to generate such leads.

The good news is that many businesses are not using this viable technique and as such you will gain critical advantage over your competitors. And given there is very minimal competition on this front, you can take the lead here and give your business the edge over others that it deserves.

Gen Leads telemarketing services will bring you this advantage to personally connect with your prospects and influence them with smart social skills. We pride ourselves on delivering honest, natural communication from day one. We understand that no one is a fan of the classic telemarketing script, so our team of professional’s work to engage your customers in authentic conversation.

Identify Decision Makers and Engage Them

You cannot rely on traditional or digital marketing techniques alone to connect with prospects and more importantly those highly profitable, B2B leads. You can repeatedly send out marketing communication with no real idea whether the right people are receiving it. But when you engage in TraDigital marketing techniques that include telemarketing, you can collect valuable information about the target audience you should be pinpointing.

B2B sales are somewhat tricky given there are often several decision makers involved. In most cases you must persuade a long line of decision makers in order to convert the lead to a sale. Standalone inbound marketing is less than ideal for such situations.

Firstly, it lacks the immensely important human touch. Instantly this reduces your chances to influence the decision makers. Secondly, various inbound methods impede the ability to individualize your message and to target the unique personas of each decision maker. But with outbound telemarketing, you can tailor your communications to engage the individual.

Consider a B2B lead. When you place a post on social media, how can you guarantee you are engaging with all the decision-makers involved? For many years, marketers have functioned on the premise that the buy cycle is a straight line with just one person deciding. In fact, the buying process is portrayed more accurately like a web, with many people influencing the purchase of a product or service. In order to complete the sale, you need to target each and every person who holds the power to make the decisions, not simply the person named on a database as the buyer.

Telemarketing creates the chance to have a conversation about who’s the decision maker. Through a phone call, you eradicate the guesswork and identify the precise target quickly. Having said that, it does take a skilled caller to move past the gatekeeper of a business and engage with the decision makers, particularly if they are a cold lead. Gen Leads has the expertise to help you make those connections and get you talking to the right people.

Gen Leads Telemarketing services use effective tools to identify the influences and decision-makers of B2B prospects and will deliver you with actionable and qualified leads for your sales teams. Our proficient telemarketers can optimize and personalize your value proposition according to the psyche of each decision maker so that it resonates with them.  At Gen Leads we understand the innumerable personas in the professional workplace and how to best approach them.

By conveying a customized message for each decision maker and dealing with them according to their personality type, Gen Leads will immediately increase your chances of prevailing and closing the sales cycle.

Optimize Your Content

Content marketing is a big focus for businesses as it can build reputation as a trusted leader in your industry, but content production is a costly and timely endeavor, so it’s important that you think your content strategy through meticulously and take advantage of opportunities to tie your offline and online content together. TraDigital marketing can aid you in distributing your content

High quality content is based on an understanding of your target audience as well as keyword and user intent research and should feature an enticing call to action or clear next step. When you understand your consumers and their buyer journeys, your content will appeal to them on a greater level and provide more specific solutions to their needs.

Your content needs to stand out from the crowd of blog posts overloading the internet these days and one of the contributing factors for an organic search is content. Optimizing content is less a matter of keyword presence and metadata and more a matter of trust, intent, quality, and authority.

Smart telemarketing services, as those offered by Gen Leads can directly improve your inbound marketing content. Telemarketing allows for the personal, one-on-one conversation that’s missing with digital marketing, while still working to promote digital engagement with the consumer. You’ll have a conversation with the potential buyer, gathering information about where they are in the buying cycle and other important details, while working to encourage them to invest more time consuming your digital content.

When classifying telemarketing as a content syndicate tool, you’d be forgiven if this went against your natural belief system, but when you consider the context of a strategic and effective telemarketing call with a prospect, like that delivered by the Gen Leads specialists, the perspective is quite evident. The practice should demonstrate; direct communication relevant to your brand story, inquisition on the influence your content, extraction of critical information about the prospects content consumption and collection of feedback to help you reinforce and enhance your content. Once you know what queries your audience are using, and what form of content they are looking for, you can design a content strategy that answers their specific needs and helps move them through the sales funnel

Telemarketing is undeniably an exceptional content marketing dissemination tool.

Digital tools like social media and email marketing are not trends that will pass by with an era, they are cemented in our marketing foundations and boost your power to promote your brand and grow your business. Having said that, it’s pertinent to mention, that traditional marketing is no less effective now with digital marketing on the scene. Instead, the most successful marketing strategies utilize the mix of both through the TraDigital approach.

TraDigital marketing is not just a catchphrase it’s a way of thinking. Through combining the strengths of outbound and inbound marketing your brand is exposed to your target audience in a pervasive and attractive way and Telemarketing fits naturally with this innovative concept.

Overall continuity and synchronicity are key when integrating traditional and digital marketing methods together and it must be said that these marketing approaches are not adversaries. They are perfect for each other when blended in a strategic and methodical plan. Not only will TraDigital marketing supported by the expertise of the Gen Leads team create a better user experience for potential customers, it will effectively increase attention to your brand, and ultimately, grow your businesses success

Contact us at Gen Leads today to discover the power TraDigital marketing and how your business will benefit from this approach.