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Top 5 lead generation tips

One of the things I love about lead generation and gets me excited when working with clients is how many platforms there are that people can use for their lead generation. Over the years the platforms that have become available to assist people grow their leads and have their business seen in more places is mind-blowing.

Lately I have noticed a trend in people all using the same lead generation platform to create leads for their business and turning their backs on other avenues. If you find one avenue of lead generation works for your business that is great but there are allot of businesses putting all of their lead generation in the one place.

I wanted to share my top 5 points with you when hiring a lead generation company or if you decide you want to give it a try yourself!

1. Be unique – every business & person is unique but most don’t show what makes them unique to their leads when doing lead generation. Discover what your uniqueness is and use this to your advantage.

2. Don’t follow what everyone else is doing – there are so many lead generation platforms out there for you to utilize. There are always going to be the popular lead generation tools but if out of 100 people 99 of them are using the same tool wouldn’t you want to be the 1 to standout and be noticed?

3. Stay true to your brand – you know your business and its values better then anyone and staying true to them makes you more loyal and attract more loyal clients.

4. Be realistic – everyone wants leads but you need to be realistic that not everything happens overnight which is why lead nurturing is so important in lead generation. Your target client may be a large company that has what seems like a never ending list of departments. Yes we all want the big clients BUT these ones take time. If you are willing to target them you need to be prepared that they may take longer to become a client.

5. Not one size fits all – lead generation is not a one size fits all service. There are many providers out there who treat people in industries all the same, provide them with the same lead generation strategy, the same posts, the same email template the list goes on. What many lead generation businesses fail to do is talk to the client and find out what they want, who they want and work on ideas that are suited to the clients branding and uniqueness.

Lead generation can be fun and scary for people but the most important thing to remember like so many other things you do in business and life if it doesn’t feel right or your not in love with the idea from then it may not be meant for you. If you do find you are feeling this be sure to tell your marketing / lead generation company and get them make the changes to ensure your campaign stands out and gets you noticed the way that it should!

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