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The current slowdown in business is affecting everyone, especially small businesses, and employees. Small businesses are finding it increasingly harder to survive while ordinary people are now filing for unemployment benefits in record numbers. Leading international bodies are painting a grim economic scenario that will have a serious financial impact on everyone. However, you must bear one key fact in mind. No matter how dire the situation, this economic mayhem will end as abruptly as it started. You must direct your marketing effort towards business success in the right channel to take advantage of this upcoming opportunity. 

You must understand that a time will come when the situation is normalized and everything will return to normal as it once was. It is only the farsighted ones who take advantage of opportunities as they arise that will prosper when the economic turmoil is over once and for all.

Instead of groaning over your losses and worrying incessantly about the present, you must think about the future so that your business can thrive while others struggle to stabilize. By planning today for a better tomorrow, you will be well-poised to take advantage of opportunities that will inevitably come your way rather than missing them and living to regret it later on. It is worth remembering you marketing approach needs to stand out from the crowd to ensure business success!

Outbound Marketing

You should give your business that edge over others by using outbound marketing techniques since these have stood the test of time and continue to yield lucrative dividends for those who can implement them the right way. It is not just the most successful businesses, but in fact, entire industries that rely on outbound marketing techniques to keep themselves afloat and profitable. 

The basic premise of outbound marketing is its pragmatism. Instead of counting on customers to come towards you, you should take proactive measures to reach out to your prospects. This is how outbound marketing works for business success 

Inbound Marketing

Over the years, with the advent of the internet, inbound marketing has become increasingly popular. There are several reasons for its growing popularity. The first is that it has a low barrier to entry due to which businesses of all kinds are hopping into the inbound bandwagon. The second is the ease with which the internet connects you with billions of people around the world, in theory allowing you to connect with innumerable prospects. However, these advantages work in theory only and the reality is far less rosy. Inbound marketing is beset with several problems, ironically, due to its increasing popularity as a result of which you will find that its key advantages are denied to you. As inbound marketing became the norm, so many businesses, individuals, and entities jumped into the fray that there are now innumerable websites &  social media pages vying for the attention of the audience. As a consequence, it is difficult for your voice to be heard. You can establish a website easily, however, gaining substantial internet traffic is much harder than what most people imagine. The reason for this is sheer competition. There are now well over a billion websites & business social media pages fighting for their share of the internet traffic pie. While inbound marketing can be a great marketing approach it is a sit and wait approach it is not a guaranteed marketing approach for business success.

Problems With Inbound Marketing

Entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that inbound marketing has a very low barrier to entry and is therefore a cakewalk. Apparently, on the face of it, inbound marketing does indeed have a low barrier to entry. Setting up a website is easy and requires very little money due to which almost everyone now has an online presence. However, the sheer number of competitors means that you will have a very hard time gaining web traffic and catching up with established players who have millions of monthly visitors. This scenario has created an invisible barrier to entry that is not immediately apparent. To gain substantial web traffic, you must diligently carry out high quality content marketing, carry out email marketing as well as social media marketing. You must keep at it for several months to see a steady flow of small traffic. Many successful internet websites have worked hard for years to reach where they are currently standing now. None of them are overnight sensations. Not one of them got lucky. Whether it is content, email or social media marketing, they have kept at it for years to build up a large and loyal audience. And none of it is cheap either. Whether it is content, email or social marketing, they all come at a heavy price, entail a lot of hard work and require several months if not years to find some degree of success. And of course, there is the untold story of the millions that relegated into oblivion despite investing big amounts of money, time and effort into all of these fronts. 

So the truth of the matter is that inbound marketing requires enormous amounts of money, time and energy if you want steady flow of customers each month. Even with all of this, there is no guarantee of success as many entrepreneurs have discovered the hard way. This is why it is important to look at marketing approaches for business success

A Better Approach That Works

Having seen the difficulties involved, the prudent entrepreneur will surely be wondering: isn’t there a better way to reach out to your prospects? Is there a stand-out marketing approach for business success? You will be glad to know that there is. 

Outbound marketing is much more viable since it is far more direct in its approach. With outbound marketing, you can reach out to people on your own rather than hoping against hope that they will come to you (as in inbound marketing). This basic difference in approach is what makes outbound marketing so much more practical and feasible. Astute businessmen know that waiting for people to come to you is futile. It is much wiser to take the initiative and connect to people proactively so that they take notice of you. This fundamental difference in methodology brings in several benefits that are unique to outbound marketing and make it more relevant than ever.

Direct Contact

Since outbound methods like telemarketing are so direct, you can connect to your prospects in a much shorter time span and much lower cost as compared to inbound methods. The cost of a single call is just what it takes to connect to a prospect with outbound techniques like telemarketing. With inbound marketing, you have to work for several months on your website to get a trickle of steady web traffic each month. This is both expensive and time consuming, yet you are still not likely to gain many customers since only a tiny fraction of visitors will convert even after all this work. However, with telemarketing, you can reach out to numerous prospects in one day through your sales team. With an experienced team of telemarketers, you can start gaining customers from day one. The time difference between the two is substantial and time is money as we all know.

Shorter Turnarounds

The direct approach that outbound marketing requires means that contacting customers is quick, easy and simple. Instead of waiting for days, weeks and months to contact customers, you can contact them in a matter of seconds. This means that you are more likely to earn more revenue in a shorter time period with outbound marketing than with inbound marketing. Hence, outbound marketing is an exceptional medium that can give you quick returns on your investment. In fact, a few well-placed calls to valuable prospects may probably give you more sales than months of content marketing. 

With outbound telemarketing, your sales team members can reach out to prospects to gain their full attention. This is the beauty of outbound marketing: no matter how many competitors you have, it takes just one phone call to directly reach the prospect, gain their full attention and leave the competition behind. This is simply not possible with inbound marketing. With inbound marketing, you have to compete with the big players to gain visitors. You cannot reach out directly to your prospects with inbound marketing, as you can with the telephone. 

The Human Touch

Once you reach out to your prospect, you have their full attention and are thus in a prime position to make an impact that will sway them in your favor. Savvy telemarketing professionals can use their suave and charismatic personality to forge a strong rapport with their prospects. Your social skills can play a strong role in attracting customers. Through outbound telemarketing, you can talk directly to your leads and prospects to create a positive impression about your business that will certainly play a key role in influencing their decisions. None of this is possible with inbound marketing since you cannot talk to your prospects directly. Not only does your business become mute with inbound marketing, it can also become completely anonymous in the furor, din, and clamor of internet competition. Outbound marketing provides a simple solution to all of this. The telephone is your shortcut towards prospects that can help you to cut through the competition no matter how intense it is. Moreover, it gives your business a voice that can be heard and heeded to. We must never underestimate the power of the human voice and the impact that it can have on others. The right tone, friendly demeanor, and charming personality can work wonders in convincing others to put their trust in you. These options are not available to you with internet marketing.

Valuable Leads

With inbound marketing, only a tiny fraction of monthly visitors actually convert into paying customers. The rest all go away without yielding anything of value. With telemarketing, you are more likely to enjoy a higher conversion rate if you do your research and call persons interested in the products and services that you offer. You can increase your chances of success and close deals by calling up warm leads and interested persons rather can calling people at random. Even those leads that do not convert may still prove to be valuable. If fact, these may be more important than the leads that do convert since unconverted prospects can give you insights that will prove to be immensely useful. With telemarketing, you can always ask for the thoughts, feedback and opinions of your prospects. This applies to both kinds of leads: those that convert and those that do not. Successful conversions will tell you about what you have been doing right all along. However, knowing what you are not doing right is more important. This is where unconverted leads come in. 


A simple phone call can help you to uncover the reasons for customer dissatisfaction, their apprehensions, and why they are not interested in buying from you. This can give you powerful insights that you can work on to improve your business offerings and is a great way to approach business success! By taking note of these comments and implementing necessary measures, you can resolve many of the key issues that are hampering your business and preventing it from reaching its full potential. So with outbound marketing and telemarketing, unconverted prospects are the ones that will actually take your business to new heights with their invaluable feedback. You stand to gain both ways. With converted leads, you will gain revenue and loyal customers that will buy from you again and again. With unconverted leads, you will gain feedback that will prove to be of even greater value in the long term. So both ways you win. With inbound marketing, you simply do not have such easy access to all-important customer feedback. Don’t be surprised to find the comments section on your webpages to be empty. Even top ranked pages on Google search results are completely bereft of comments. So with inbound marketing, it is very hard to gain customer feedback that is vital for helping you to overcome the weaknesses and mistakes that stand between you and your business objectives. 

Having learnt about the great benefits of outbound marketing, you should not waste any time in giving your business a major boost that will help you to overtake the competition. But you should keep in mind that it is necessary to perform research in order to uncover valuable prospects and that it takes years of experience to gain the skills necessary for winning over prospects. 

Our roster of experienced outbound marketers can put their expertise, experience and proficiency to use in your favor. 

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