A lead comes to your website and signs up for a free product trial. Fantastic! But what happens after this? What contact do you have with the lead when they sign up for the trial or when the trial ends?

Gen Leads product trial representative service ensures all new leads are contacted within 24 – 48 hours of signing up for the trial. We will check on how they are proceeding with the trial, assist with any questions they may have and book them into either an online sales demonstration or an upcoming product webinar.

When the product trial is over we will contact the prospective client to capture any feedback as to why they did not go ahead with the product. Based on the needs of the prospect we will either book them in for an upcoming webinar, an online product demonstration or sign them up and process their payment.

This is a great introductory service to your company as it provides that human touch and communication to your prospects who may not have thought to contact you unless something was wrong. Contacting prospects during this time also shows that your company appreciates the importance of having a high level of customer service.

Contacting leads that have signed up for a product trial either at the beginning or the end of the trial allows you to obtain insights such as why the prospect chose your product, what they found useful, what they liked / didn’t like, how they felt about the product and what improvements do they think could be made?

The trial period is important to both you and your customer as it sets the tone for your relationship with the customer and shows you value their business. Contact us now!

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