Membership Services

Gen Leads outbound membership services assist our clients in forming and sustaining relationships, with their members as well as increasing membership acquisition & retention

Membership Services

If your business has a paid membership base it is important to ensure that you regularly engage with your members! Members like to feel engaged so ensuring that you regularly are in verbal contact with your members is important.

For companies that have a paid membership base there are two key components of success; customer acquisition and membership retention.

Whilst building a membership base is important, keeping in regular contact with members is just as if not more important to the success of the business. By keeping in regular contact with your members, you are ensuring your members feel important, which in turn makes your members want to stay as members  you are reducing your churn rate – crediting to your companies success!

Fact, 58% of membership organisations reported a lack of engagement as the primary reason members don’t renew. Think of how many potential members you need to speak to to get one to sign, let’s say 1 in 4, that means you need to speak to 240 potential members to replace the ones that do not renew every year. 

By simply picking up the phone and engaging with your members verbally you are building a strong relationship with your members that can see their membership extend for years to come!

At minimum there should be four contacts made via telephone every year with your membership base (or one every quarter). Why every quarter? Members should be contacted when they first join, with the second contact within the first 90 days of their joining date. The first 90 days is important when a new member or client signs up, which is why it is important to ensure you correctly onboard any new members. To onboard correctly you should not rely on email which is why giving them a call is a better option. You don’t want your next point of contact to be nine months later when their membership is due to expire so it is important to check in with them between the 90 day and 12 month mark.

Membership engagement is something spoken about often in organizations but due to the lack of resources & staff, member phone calls, it is often a strategy that is pushed to the side for a  quantity over quality reach out services such as email or SMS.

Through our membership engagement services, Gen Leads can engage with your members on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure that verbal contact has been made and that the relationship between your business and the client stays strong!

Gen Leads can manage and maintain relationships with you members while your sales team focuses on growing your membership base.

When members join membership based organisations it is often assumed that they are joining for advocacy, corporate partnerships / connections and networking, but no matter what the reason, there’s one thing all members have in common – they want value in return for the cost of their membership.

Memberships can be filled with lots of value, offers, & education – but what if your members don’t know about it? What if you have just signed on a brilliant new corporate partner who will provide wonderful value to your members, do you simply rely on email to notify your clients of this? Or do you call them to tell them and help them sign up to your new corporate partner?

If you want to have a successful membership based organisation that builds member engagement, loyalty and retention, then communication is key.

Not sure where to start or how to build a membership engagement plan or you don’t have the staff to carry out the calls? Our outsourced Membership Engagement services allow businesses to focus on the growth of their membership base while we focus on the engagement and retention of your members.

Contact us today, and let’s find out how we can grow & support your membership engagement and retention.

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