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Lead generation is made up of two components. Inbound lead generation and outbound lead generation

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Lead generation is made up of two components. Inbound lead generation and outbound lead generation. Inbound lead generation is all about attracting potential clients, essentially you are pulling them toward your brand. This usually consists of strategies such as SEO, landing pages, blogging, websites and eBooks. Inbound lead generation is essentially using channels that get the leads to come to you.

Outbound lead generation is considered the push method where you push your sales message out into the world and aim to attract customers who will buy from you and usually consists of outbound calls, direct emails, print media, billboards and internet pop-ups.

Gen Leads lead generation services are favoured by many of those in the Saas and online industry not just in Australia but in New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, USA and the United Kingdom.

While many businesses favour inbound lead generation as it generates leads for you “while you sleep”. With the world today being a very digital driven some people believe that this leaves no room for outbound lead generation and results in many businesses focusing on social media and inbound lead generation.

Middle of the Funnel (MOFU)

The self-directed buyer’s shields are up, and they are ignoring your messages. Developing a relationship to cut through the noise is critical. Not all leads that go to sales are ready to buy, so you have to make sure that you have in place a solid lead nurturing strategy to continue to build awareness and affinity for your brand while your prospect is self-educating. Through paying attention to your MOFU efforts through tactics such as lead nurturing, you can continue to have a relevant conversation with prospects long after your lead generation efforts.

Lead nurturing also increases lead to opportunity conversion rate, drives more revenue, and shortens the sales cycle. It is about finding the right buyers at the right time. Lead generation brings buyers into the funnel, but lead nurturing and scoring sends them to sales so that your sales team can close the deal at the right time. In fact, according to MarketingSherpa’s Lead Generation benchmark report, companies who leverage lead nurturing see a 45% lift in lead generation over those companies who do not use lead nurturing.

Lead Generation

Our Lead Generation Approach

Gen Leads understands the importance of outbound lead generation strategies especially tele-based strategies. These strategies are particularly important as they help bring your marketing strategies to life.

To truly get the benefit of lead generation you need to utilise a mix of both inbound and outbound strategies. Where one strategies weakness lays the other strategy will provide strength. While inbound is great at bringing you leads, the pace in which the leads are generated can be a slower lead generating process. Outbound lead generation when done correctly can deliver a quicker response then its counterpart – inbound lead generation.

When working with Gen Leads for your lead generation needs we will create a custom lead generation strategy that suits your business goals with measured return on investment. Measuring results will allow for future campaign amendments so for each campaign we run, our clients get continued results.

We work on a mix of both inbound and outbound strategies such as SEO, landing pages, blogging, direct marketing and appointment setting. Covering the inbound lead generation which pulls potential buyers and the outbound lead generation that pushes your brand toward potential clients provides a good balance of lead generation that Gen Leads has found to work well.

Gen Leads work with care and is not about rushing to complete campaigns for our clients. As we have our clients best interest at heart all strategies that are implemented can take a good time. If we implement a strategy and see that it is not getting the desired results either Gen Leads or our client has hoped for we will stop the campaign. We will then evaluate what the objections are and work through developing new strategies so that when we proceed with the campaign those objections are prevented. This allows us to ensure that the client is getting the maximum results from having Gen Leads completing the campaign for them.

Lead Generation Service Approach

See how you can increase effectiveness across all business functions by generating more qualified leads, amplifying sales pipeline velocity, and improving sales and marketing alignment through leveraging lead generation software. Contact us now today!

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