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How to Create an Effective Lead Nurturing Campaign

It is an established fact that human beings are highly social by nature. We all crave social interaction, which as research shows, is critical for our health and well-being.

However, we’re also living in the age of digital communications that has made us more isolated than ever. Take the use of social media, for instance. Despite the incredible popularity and growth of social media, it has reduced one-on-one human interaction.

The fact is that communicating via social media is no substitute for human interaction. With our smart devices and the internet at our fingertips, we should be better connected than ever,s but it has limited face-to-face communication, which has its own charm.

Read on to learn why human interaction is crucial for your health and well-being:

Mental Health and Social Interaction

Human interaction is critical for fostering good mental health. It allows us to cope with stress better. Having a circle of kind and empathetic people around that you can trust is necessary for getting through difficult situations that you face, such as problems related to employment, health and marriage.

Social interaction is essential for helping you to maintain your sense of self-esteem. When family members and friends come to talk to you, you feel more important and well-liked by people that matter to you.

Physical Health and Social Interaction

Human interaction may even be critical for your physical health. There is now scientific evidence to suggest that social isolation can increase your risk of developing certain chronic conditions. For instance, a 2010 study published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior suggests that lack of social interaction may be a risk factor for medical conditions like cancer, hypertension, autoimmune disorders, heart attack and cardiovascular disease. And it is a well-documented fact that people who live long belong to communities that place a strong emphasis on social interaction.

Social Interaction and Marketing

Human interaction is so important that it is a crucial aspect of marketing as well. Consumers are not just content with interaction through digital channels. They actually want face-to-face communication as the results of the Accenture report “Digital Disconnect in Customer Engagement” indicates. This report shows that over 80% of people prefer face-to-interaction with customer support rather than communication through digital means. The results of this study clearly show our immense yearning for social interaction. Social interaction is an essential dimension of our lives and it matters even for our business relationships.

So you should ask yourself: am I reaching out to my customers and stakeholders on a personal level? Do you talk with them face-to-face? If you don’t, then your customers will not feel fully satisfied, as the Accenture report indicates. By talking to your customers personally, you are providing the interaction that will keep them healthy. Equally importantly, you will also make them feel important by showing empathy, respect and affinity. You can foster closer ties to your customers on the strength of your social skills and win their loyalty.

These were some of the reasons human interaction is still vital for different aspects of your life.