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Gen Leads Business event service allows the companies to turns out their simple business event into products or service marketing event and generates more valuable sales leads

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Boost event turnout and conversions with Genleads targeted event marketing services

Events are stressful enough and depending on what industry your saas / online business is in there are times of the year when you may be in event / roadshow overload.

Gen Leads event success service covers the beginning of your event journey and concentrates mostly on getting people booked for the event. We are then able to confirm attendance to the event and following up after the event to either book the prospect in for a sales demo or obtain feedback on the event.

If your company finds itself booked back to back with upcoming expos or roadshow events you may see yourself and your sales team travelling across the country with no time to follow up with leads that you spent hours meeting at each event on the roadshow circuit.

This is where Gen Leads can help! After each event, you can send us a list of prospects that you met at the event and we will call them back (as your company) to book them into either an online sales demo or an upcoming webinar.

This service allows for hot leads to be contacted in a prompt manner rather than waiting for you to finish being on the event circuit and then contacting them.

Looking to partner with other saas / online businesses and create your own Business Events? When hosting an event we strongly suggest a friendly call to your invitee asking if they will be able to attend so that your event numbers get a bit of a boost!  Invitee can’t attend? That’s fine, we can offer to book them into an online demonstration of the product or an upcoming webinar rather than just leaving the call.

We combine our multi-touch, multi-channel capabilities with our years of targeted sales and marketing expertise to:


attendees and opportunities throughout the event cycle


quality of invitees and prospects at every step of the event process


phone, email, and social media to maximize conversions


critical event and prospect information for sharper marketing insights

Business Event

Confirmation calls are important for all events as they are not only a great reminder to people that the event is on but it provides you with confirmed numbers and any dietary requirements you may need to pass onto your venue just before the event.

Industry focused events are a great way to target your potential clients market in one go. Instead of booking 20 appointments and repeating the same information 20 times an industry focused event allows you to deliver the same message to a room of 20 people all at the one time!

Industry events are becoming ever more popular on the back of expos and roadshow events as they allow you to directly target your ideal industry. Presenting to a room of people from that particular industry when the interest is already there to learn more about your saas / online business versus a lead who may have dropped their business card in a bowl hoping to win some freebie at the expo or roadshow event.

Tell us about your upcoming event, and let’s see what we can do together.

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