Creating Custom Databases for Businesses

Gen Leads databases are custom made to our clients requirements, & once created the database becomes the property of the client and not sold to others.

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Database Creation for Increase Business Sales

The first thought in many sales manager / business owners minds when they need a database or list is to buy one. But have you ever thought:

Can you trust the quality of the list?

Will you be marked as SPAM?

How many other people have used the same list?

When Gen Leads creates a database for a client the database is not only custom made but once created, becomes the property of the client and will not be on sold to a third party. The reason that we do this is that every client pays for their database to be created for their specific needs and requirements. We also don’t want the people on the list being subjected to SPAM and hundreds of sales calls as this tires out the lead and will diminish the value of the database.

Our databases are created from a range of sources such as industry specific websites, LinkedIn, Google searches, product groups, local directories and government websites. Where we create a list from depends on the clients’ database requirements. We custom build the database with our clients’ target in mind so that it increased the chances of matching someone from the database with the clients offer. When creating a custom made database for our clients we ensure that anyone on the list does not have an anti commercial message on their website detailing that they do not give permission to be on the list as per the SPAM Act.

The conversations we have had around this quickly becomes a mini-debate on spam vs email marketing and the key is to know the difference and be educated. Gen Leads are well versed on the SPAM Act and know the best methods to get in front of your key contacts.

It is also important to note that your database is something you need to continually keep building. Many businesses will potentially lose between 10% – 30% of their clients each year so by continually building up your database you are constantly filling up your pipeline.

If you do decide to purchase a ready made list from a list broker Gen Leads highly recommends that you call those listed on the database and get their permission to be included on your database. Another area that we can help you with if you choose this path.

While there is a very big misconception amongst business owners what SPAM is. Calling the lead is a great excuse to introduce yourself and your business. Starting the relationship with verbal conversation before taking it digitally will set your business up with a solid foundation!

Database for Business

Gen Leads delivers market plans and database management services to help your company achieve the highest returns on your marketing investment and to reach your core audience of prospective customers more effectively.

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