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When trying to generate new business, a very careful strategy must be implemented. Cold calling decision-makers run the risk of reducing any future opportunities. We have constantly proven that leads respond to professional communication. We have experience in fine-tuning both the target and the delivery of our clients’ message to build a strong relationship and maximise sales opportunities.

Our refined strategies have been successful in generating thousands of successful sales for our clients. We are engaged by a range ofbusinesses across a range of industries because they trust us to deliver the results they need and to protect their brands.

To accomplish a successful result for your team, our strategy is to first identify your target audience / client and then contact each organisation to confirm decision-maker information and that you have approval to send them your marketing material (in compliance with the SPAM ACT). We will then send the email or direct mail content before following up to manage the leads interest and set appointments. We allocate highly experienced staff members to each campaign. Staffs are selected for their experience and knowledge in your industry to establish relationships with leads and to generate maximum interest.