Put simply we care! Gen Leads is not about rushing to complete campaigns for our clients. As we have our clients best interest at hearts. If we implement a strategy and see that it is not getting the results either Gen Leads or our client has hoped for we will stop the campaign. We will then evaluate what the objections are and work through strategies so that when we proceed with the campaign those objections are prevented. This allows us to ensure that the client is getting the maximum results that they should be getting from having Gen Leads completing the campaign for them.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve seen many companies attempt to engage what they see as their target audience only to not get the results they had hoped for. They have wasted large amounts of money by hiring other lead generation and appointment setting businesses or having one of their staff members attempt to complete the process.

We have highly skilled professional staffs that have experience in the industries which we complete campaigns for. This ensures that the staff member managing your campaign knows what they are talking about when talking to your target audience and are confident in the information that is being given during the campaign.

As we have a high level of experience within our clients industries we are confident that we are able to use the skills, knowledge and our high level of professionalism to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

When we hire staff we ensure that they have a minimum three years lead generation experience. We provide constant training as well as rotating staff campaigns to make sure that they do not get worn out and start to sound robotic while completing the calls. Staff making the same calls daily can result to fatigue and in effect, can become unfocused and become disenchanted with the sales process. Even though staffs working on your campaign are following scripts we ask them to give some life to the message that is being delivered. Not only to ensure that the lead does not know that you have outsourced your lead generation but also to give personality to your brand.

From experience, we can tell you that generating effective leads takes time and careful execution. You cannot rush a process like this as not only are there multiple steps involved but our clients brand and reputation. We will advise against our client starting to implement a strategy unless all elements of the process have been completed. We ensure that our clients branding, messaging and values are delivered in a professional manner in a manageable and realistic time frame.