Data cleansing is when you ensure that your data is up to date and the details you have are current for those on your database.

It is estimated that dirty data costs the economy $3 trillion dollars a year. According to Experian, businesses lose 12% of their revenue due to bad data, meaning for every $1,000 you make you lose $120!

Dirty data is no one’s fault as it happens due to a variety of reasons such as data not being updated regularly, incorrect information not been given at the start and clients not updating details when they change.

Dirty data can be a time consuming data entry role and most often is a service best outsourced. Gen Leads have a team of cleansing experts that can combine all the various data sources you have, remove duplicates and all incorrect entries so that you can market to a clean database.

Choosing to keep your dirty data can have a massive effect on your sales and marketing efforts making any lead generation strategy you have in place worthless. Wouldn’t you rather be talking to and selling to your customers rather than updating their details and losing their interest before getting to the real reason that you called! Bad data can result in bad decisions being made as your business doesn’t have the correct information to work off.

Working off clean data will improve the efficiency of your marketing campaign resulting in higher acquisitions. It will also improve your decision making process, clean data will allow you to have access to better analytics, offering you better business intelligence so you can better execute your campaign and increase your desired results.

With clean data you are you able to attention your marketing campaigns to the correct person. When you miss the step of cleansing your data, Is the email address you have on file correct? Is your point of contact relevant? Is there any other relevant information that you need so that your lead generation campaign is a success?

Having clean data will increase your revenue as you can ensure your sales team spend more time speaking to the right people and making sales, not wasting time on admin and correcting the data you currently have.

Gen Leads understands the importance of clean data, what it means for your business and its potential which is why we offer this service at a low cost. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing bounce backs on your latest email campaign or hanging up the phone to your 6th “no longer works here” call.

Having Gen Leads clean your database using tele-based services ensures your data is up to date and any other campaign relevant information that you may require to be collected. We want the best and most cost effective results from our call campaigns for our clients. Creating a lead generation campaign from dirty data won’t allow us to deliver you such results.